Cloudland Canyon Sitton's Gulch & Waterfalls Trails Cloudland Canyon State Park, GA
DIFFICULTY 11.1 Medium
DURATION 2-4 hours
There And
Back Again
Cloudland Canyon Sitton's Gulch & Waterfalls Trails

One of the best options in Cloudland Canyon State Park, journey along the Sitton's Gulch Trail and combine it with the Waterfalls Trail for beautiful waterfalls and epic views from the canyon rim. Sometimes you can have it all.

Park at the much smaller gravel lot at the north gate entrance. Yes, it's in the back of a neighborhood. You're GPS is not wrong. Begin your hike along the blue-blazed trail behind the gate. The wide, easily followed path is well maintained. Two side trails leave and re-enter the main trail on the right. All intersections are clearly marked so getting lost is nearly impossible.

The trail stays close to Sitton Gulch Creek but you'll need to take the many short side trails to really enjoy it's beauty, especially in summer. At 2 miles, the trail officially ends at the L-shaped bridge crossing over Daniel Creek. Just after the bridge is the connection with the Waterfalls Trail that leads up the canyon wall. Follow the sign to Hemlock Falls past this intersection. This is the lower of the two falls along the Waterfalls Trail. Dropping 90 feet over a rocky ledge, Hemlock Falls can be enjoyed from an observation platform a short distance away.

Backtrack and begin climbing up the canyon wall by way of stone steps then grated metal steps. 600 steps to the top. After another .15 miles, take the signed side trail to Cherokee Falls, a 60 foot waterfall and the second of the two falls on the Waterfalls Trail. Continue up another tenth of a mile, passing two intersections for the West Rim Loop Trail on the right, following signs for the Overlook Trail.

After passing behind some cabins the trail stays along the canyon wall for massive views to the north and the other side of the canyon. Walk along the rim past the main parking lot to the Main Overlook sticking out into the canyon for unobstructed views. From this point, backtrack along the rim, down the Waterfalls Trail and retrace your steps along the Sitton's Gulch Trail to the north parking lot.

If you want something a little shorter or easier, both the Sitton's Gulch Trail and the Waterfalls Trail can be hiked seperately on their own.

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Elevation Map Length (miles) by Elevation (feet)
Slope Breakdown
Elevation Gain
Elevation Range
Grade Range
Elevation Gain
0 - 250 ft/mi
~ 0 - 5 %
1.4 mi
141 ft
250 - 500 ft/mi
~ 5 - 10 %
0.6 mi
236 ft
500 - 750 ft/mi
~ 10 - 15 %
0.4 mi
257 ft
750 - 1000 ft/mi
~ 15 - 20 %
0.3 mi
266 ft
1000+ ft/mi
~ 20+ %
0.4 mi
515 ft
For out-and-back hikes, elevation loss is the same as the gain.
Terrain Map Click to control map
length5.8 miles
difficulty11.1 Medium
duration2 - 4 hours
trail typeThere And Back Again
blazeBlue (Sitton's Gulch), Brown (Waterfalls), Yellow (West Rim Loop Connector)
elevation gain1360 ft.
state Georgia 
park/forestCloudland Canyon State Park
visitor infoVisitor Center
122 Cloudland Canyon Park Road
Rising Fawn, GA 30738
hours7am - 10pm (Park)
8am - 5pm (Office)
parking fee$5/Day, $50 Annual Pass
trailhead coordinates 34.859828, -85.484441 (Degree Decimal, DegDec)
N 34°51.59, W 85°29.07 (Degree Minutes, MinDec)
N 34°51'35'', N 34°51'35'' (Degree Minutes Seconds, DMS)
Trailhead Directions
34.859828, -85.484441 (Degree Decimal, DegDec)
N 34°51.59, W 85°29.07 most GPS units use this one
N 34°51'35'', N 34°51'35'' (Degree Minutes Seconds, DMS)
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The north gate entrance is much smaller than the main park entrance and is accessed through a residential neighborhood.
Parking Capacity
15-20 vehicles.
Dogs are allowed at the park, but the grated metal steps leading up the Waterfalls Trail may be uncomfortable for most dogs.
Be careful of wet or lose rocks when exploring the short side trails to Sitton Gulch Creek.
A couple of places look like they would be more challenging water crossings after heavy rainfall.
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5 (1)
hikethesouth-5 years ago
Views, Waterfalls, and a bit of Solitude
The Waterfalls Trail is the most popular in the park but starting on the Sitton's Gulch Trail at the north entrance provides some solitude up to the climb up the canyon wall. Two fantastic waterfalls and numerous ones on the way in and once at the top of the canyon you get amazing views looking out the direction you hiking in. This part will be crowded.
Medium | Hiked Spring 2019
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